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transmission (torrent) users - no ul - help plz

Feb 23, 2010
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i am currently using transmission for my filesharing needs & am pretty new at it. it seems that all the files i've dl'ed & the one i'm currently downloading will not upload. transmission shows that i'm seeding to peers but there is no upload: 0 kbps...any help would be greatly appreciated.
Feb 25, 2009
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Your Mac's Specs
Late 2013 rMBP, i7, 750m gpu, OSX versions 10.9.3, 10.10
My only thoughts:

1) There is a firewall blocking your seeds - go into: Transmission menu -> Preferences -> Network - it should list your listening port - see if it shows your port open or closed. if it doesn't show your port open you may need to adjust your firewall or router port forwarding (see: PortForward.com - Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model for help on configuring for port forwarding if needed)

2) There are no leachers that want to pull the files your seeding

3) There are leachers, but there are more then enough seeders to fill their needs and they aren't leaching from you.

Just make sure you stay legal. Also, this post really doesn't fall under this forum category as this category is specifically for movies (and if you're torrenting movies, we can't discuss it as it's against the forum rules, and the law)- it falls under the Software category for other programs for OSX.

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