Transferring mailboxes from old iMac to new Mini

Jun 5, 2016
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New Mexico, USA
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iMac,(mid 2010), MB Air (Early 2015), Touch (32G)
I’m having trouble finding emails in my new Mini (M1,2020/Monterey) that were transferred from my old iMac (mid 2010/El Capitan).
Or rather I’m having trouble moving them onto my new Mini.

I have 40+ different mailboxes that hold emails from near the turn of this century that I’d like to be able to access fairly easily.

For example I saved a bunch of emails from my last help sessions with y’all here at Mac-forums. I put them in a mailbox labeled “ Mac stuff”.
I saved the .mbox files to an external drive. How do I get them from the .mbox files back onto my new Mini mailboxes?
On my external drive I can drill down and find some Messages (xxx.emlx), but how do I transfer all of them to the new machine (see attachment)? They seem to be buried deep and is there a way to transfer them en masse rather than one by one?

I backed up my old iMac to Time Machine and then used TM to try to rebuild Mail in my new Mini. I have a mailbox on the Mini labeled ‘Import’ but there are no emails from my old “Mac stuff” mailbox in the Import file.

I still have my old iMac accessible so I can access it to verify what transferred or didn’t.

I’m using the “Mac stuff” mailbox as an example but there are many others that I’m having the same problem with.

Or is there a better way to recreate my bunch of mailboxes on my new Mini?

Thanks as always for you help.


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