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Trackpad won't click

Oct 22, 2010
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Hi Mac community,
I have a 13' Macbook Unibody with OSX Snow Leopard which I purchased in August '09 and it has functioned flawlessly and never gave me trouble... until now.

The thing is the trackpad on my Macbook is functional but just the click will not work. I can't click using my trackpad yet I can still use the trackpad to tap to click, move the cursor, scroll using two fingers, navigate using three fingers and all that. I've looked in the system preferences and there is no option there that can fix my problem (I tried using the secondary click by making my right-click in the bottom right corner and to no avail). I tried logging into another account yet the problem still exists. I can't tell whether this is a driver or a hardware problem...

The last thing I downloaded were some photoshop brushes and that was two days ago, so I think there's a small chance that is the source of my problem. Can anyone shed some light on my problem? Thanks guys!