Trackpad: Click Button kinda screwed up

Jul 5, 2006
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Hello everyone!

I have an issue with my Macbook Pro. It never had this before but all of a sudden it started and wont go away. It's the click button right below the trackpad. For some reason when I double clicking something, half of the time it works. Sometimes I try double clicking and it only does a single click, highlighting the file or folder. When i try to double click on top of it, nothing happens. The only way to solve this problem is to click in an empty space and try double clicking on the object again. This problem is very very very annoying.

And another problem has come up with the same thing. When I am trying to close a Safari or Firefox window, it shows that i have my cursor on top of the close button, but when i click, nothing happens, I click a couple more times, and for some reason the window minimizes.

Do I have to send it in to Apple?
I'm sure there is a fix for this by resetting something with the hardware, I have no idea.

Thanks a lot!

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