Trackpad and keyboard not responding - A1226 mbp

Aug 21, 2009
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Hey, out of nowhere last Night my trackpad and keyboard stopped working.

I have an a1226 mbp, running snow leopard still.

A few year back the nvidia logic board went, and was covered under warranty.

The battery swelled and would affect the ribbon cable so I took that out and have been running sans battery since.

I tried a replacement battery and that seemed to bug the ribbon cable as well.

Within the past week I noticed a sort of Atari glitching/artifacts if I closed a window on Firefox. It wasn't every time, just about 20 times or so and only online... But that glitch looked similar to the logic board failure from before.

So do you think just replacing the ribbon cable would solve the problem of my trackpads/keyboard, or is my board fried again for no reason?

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