Torrent issues; is it an Opera issue or Mac issue?

Aug 17, 2008
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Brand spanking new to the forums here, so I hope I'm putting this in the right place.

I've been using PCs with Windoze for years and recently with Linux. Now have a Macbook (dream come true!) running Leopard on one partition and gradually getting Linux on the other. But the Linux thing is a whole other discussion.

My immediate issue: On the OsX side of my Macbook, I've been downloading torrents using Opera's built in torrent downloader. Lately though, it seems in permanent limbo. Question marks where upload/download speeds should be and any new torrents I try to download simply hang at 0% complete. I'm a good little torrent downloader, always making sure I seed at least 2 or 3 times as much data as I leech.

This seemed to start right about the time I switched my Internet connection from connecting directly to my wireless broadband to connecting via a router. Am having the same problem now since switching to my Alltel wireless data card.

Ergo, I'm guessing it's a closed vs. open port issue. The problem is, I can't for the life of me find where in Opera and/or OsX to view/alter port status.

Any suggestions? Ideas? Creative newbie ridiculing?

Thanks in advance...

- Jo

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