Tor Vidalia Security

Dec 28, 2009
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I am the guy who does some very low-level work for the US Federal Government (nothing to brag about James Bond stuff, just some basic translation). Well, my superiors told me that I could take my laptop home with me, as long as I disguised my IP Address, encoded my documents (already done), and then demonstrated to them and assured them that my IP is indeed hidden. Well, on the advice of a kid poster here, I got Tor Vidalia and set it up with my Safari browser. It seems to work. When I go to those "what is my ip" sites, it does not shoe my real IP. I am just wondering, in your opinions, is Tor Vidalia considered very secure, or how secure? Like I said, if my "work" got "in the wrong hands" nothing bad would happen LOL but I would like to keep my job. Thanks!

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