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Dec 3, 2007
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Hey everyone,

A few months back, I purchased the TomTom Western Europe app for my iPhone, at a price of £60! Expensive for an app, I know, but for the ease of having one unit for SatNav and phone, it was a very attractive price, especially as it is much cheaper than a standalone TomTom. In the bumf, it claimed it would work fine on a 3GS with it's built in GPS, and it did... for a short while. It now doesn't get any GPS signal anywhere, other than at home, where it connects to the wifi, and the same at uni. I have taken it to the Apple store, and they say there is nothing wrong with the iPhone itself, and Google Maps works fine with the GPS too. I've checked the settings to make sure I've not inadvertantly turned the GPS off, which I haven't, and stilll nothing. It is fully up-to-date as well.

Has anyone else had similar issues with it? Has anyone managed to get it working again after this problem? I know there is the option of buying the TomTom car dock, but that is an extra £100, which would mean I'd have better off buying the standalone one. Not to mention the fact that I've already got a rather nice dock already, which allows me to play music and take calls, so buying another that doesn't have those features isn't something I want to do.

Is it possible to go back to TomTom and ask for a refund? I don't know how that stuff works through the App Store.

Any ideas and help will be greatly appreciated.



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