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Toast 6 Reports -- Result Code = -18771 (problem with source material)



"Could not record the disc because there is a problem with the source material. Result Code = -18771"

Anyone seen this -- I got it trying to Burn a DVD from a working VIDEO_TS folder. I've watched this whole video using the Apple DVD Player pointed at the folder.... but Toast gacks on it... Is this Copy protection? I own the original DVD.

-- elf --
Oct 22, 2003
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I have been getting that message too. I would get that message after following the steps in the DVD Tutorial on this site. Is it a bug in version 6 or just a problem with another program? What OS are you running? I am in 10.2.8.




I get exactly the same error
Result Code = -18771 (problem with source material),
while trying to burn a DVD, in PAL, from working (tested with Apple DVD Player) VIDEO_TS folder,
using Roxio Toast Titanium v. 6.0.3 under Mac O.S.X 10.2.8 on a powerbook3,5 (v. =3.2) (cpu: G4 1GHz) with an ATA CD-RW/DVD-R, MATSHITA, DVD-R UJ-815.

>Is this Copy protection?

I don't know, but I'm living in europe and i know here as It is allow to backup DVD you own, it's forbiden to sel copy protected DVD.

But don't take it as guarantee, the fact that '"they can't sell it", obviously do not mean that "they don't sell it."

On my case this is the first time, I try to copy a dvd.
What about you? Did you get the same problem with several different DVDs? Or, with other dvd, does it ussualy work?

By the way, I've seen your messages were posted on the end of october, did your investigations paid since that time? Do you know more about it right now?

I'll like to learn more about it.

thank you



It was the first DVD I ever tried to backup. I haven't tried again on other DVDs and I tried to hunt down info using google but to no avail. I'll try some other DVDs this weekend and see if I get similar results and post the results here.


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