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TOAST 5.2.1 only burns at 4X-----SLOW!!!



I recently bought a LACIE 52X32X52 CD burner and it came bundled with Toast 5.2.1.
I can only burn CD's with Data or audio at a 4X speed? I thought i bought the fastest burner on the market! Is it because I have an older MAc (G3 350mhz) its connection is USB not firewire
and my usb firmware is 1.5.6? any help out there?
PS I have 2 USB periferals (printer and keyboard) and i only have 2 slots on the rear of my tower, Ive been plugging my CD burner into my keyboard USB slot, But I have tried it in the back of the tower---still only 4X......help!
Jul 22, 2003
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Hamilton College
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i dont use a usb burner but there are two possibilities

1. Your media you are using only supports 4x burning
2. The fastest speed usb supports is 4x. You definitely are not going to get the 52x speed through usb im just not sure how much of a speed loss you get


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Dec 24, 2002
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Los Angeles, California
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You try downloading Toast 5.2.3, it may help a little bit. But as trpnmonkey41 said, your usb port is your bottle neck.

The Dragon

. The fastest speed usb supports is 4x. You definitely are not going to get the 52x speed through usb im just not sure how much of a speed loss you get
yes trpnmonkey41
this is realy the problem
any spead greater then 4 speed will not be accesible on usb you need to get the firewire version.
rosstaman if you stil can return the burner because it's worthless to you since you need usb 2.0 for those speed's but better stil is firewire (witch in my opinion runs faster) if you bought it in a mac shop tell the guy he doesn't understand the stuff he's selling.
I hope this is enough help and that you can solve the issue with your vendor

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