To mac... or not to mac?

Feb 8, 2004
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iBook 12", 1.33GHz G4, 1GB DDR400, 32MB Radeon 9550, 80GB HD, OSX 10.4.9
I have been thinking about getting a macintosh laptop. It won't be for at least a year, but I may get one before I go off to university, I graduate Spring 2005. Anyways, I decided to join this forum to learn a bit about macs before I buy one. I am fine with everything about macs so far, I like the operating system, I like the company (I guess you can't get much worse than Microsoft though), they are pretty fast but theyre don't have many games. I can live with all that. But I would like to know if these programs can be found on a mac, or programs much like them. Also if I have to purchase them, are they freeware, or do they come free on OSX (I understand OSX comes with a few programs). Here's my list of must have programs, or ones like them:

Microsoft Office
Adobe Photoshop 7
Macromedia MX Studio
Nero Burning ROM
Sisoft Sandra
The All Seeing Eye
Winamp 2.8
MSN 6.1
Kazaa Lite
Warcraft 3
Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Norton AV 2003
Starcraft and BW
AdAware 6
Fujifilm USB
Sony NetMD Sonicstage

Also I would like to know, when you buy an Ibook or Powerbook do you get an OSX cd? Is it possibly to reformat that hard drives on a mac and reinstall an OS like on PC? If so, how do you do it?

These should start off my thread well, I'll ask more questions when they arise.


WinRAR: You get Stuffit expander, which opens things like that. It will open RAR, but it won't create them. The Mac OS has its own .zip creating tool, which should be just fine.
DivX: Quicktime and VLC!
Power DVD: The Mac comes with an application called "DVD Player". Guess what it does. ;)
Microsoft Office: There's Microsoft Office for Mac.
Photoshop: Yup.
Macromedia: That too.
Nero: You get Toast, a program that does the same thing, if I'm right.
The Mac comes with FTP built in, but there are better clients for sale.
Sisoft Sandra: No idea what that is.
The All Seeing Eye: That either.
Trillian: You get Fire, which is free.
MSN: You get the absoutely crappy Mac MSN.
ICQ: You get the Mac ICQ, which isn't too bad.
AIM: You get iChat or AIM for Mac, your choice.
Kazaa Lite: You can use acqlite, Poisoned, Limewire, or something else.
Warcraft 3: Just put in your current disc and install it.
MoH: I think so.
Norton: There is NO need for virus software on a Mac, no viruses.
Halo: Yes.
Starcraft: Yes.
AdAware: No spyware on a Mac either.
Fujifilm: I dunno what that is or if we have it.
Sony NetMD: Don't know about that either.

Yes you get CD's. Yes you can reformat. You just pop in the CD and run the installer.


I guess the Fujifilm USB and the Sony Net MD, is fot a Digital camera and a MD player, at least for digital cameras... gosh !! so easy to use them, when you connect any automatically starts a software that ask where to put your photos, what to do with 'em after copying (like resize, etc), and stuf... so neat ! (even if you record videos, or other media, it copies them to the folder you have for each type).

I currently have a Casio Exilim digital camera, and the conection to mac rocks !!

I dunno 'bout the MD player, the most probable thing is that the mac detects it as a removable device (by now you can directly copy you music), and must be tons of software to manage it. Since MacOS X appeared, lots of free software began to be develovep.


Nero: Toast you need to pay for but Mac OS X allows you to simply copy files to your blank CDs when you insert it. Or burn audio discs using iTunes.

LeapFTP: Use Fetch or Transmit which are both around $15. I use Transmit.

MoH: Yep - I have it and play it.


SiSoftware Sandra (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility.

I don't know if there's any equivalent software for Mac, but that's what sandra is.

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