time machine error message

Jul 17, 2008
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Macbook pro 2.53 GHZ intel 2 duo 4 gb
all of a sudden I am getting and error message from time machine ..Time machine fails and says that Airport utility was unable to find any apple wireless devices. I do not have a wireless router or airport and made sure that airport was turned off in network preferences. am not sure why all of a sudden I am getting this. It seemed to all start after installing a new epson 610 which does have wireless capability, although I have it hard wired in, and probably just a coincidence. has anyone had this message with time machine before!!!!!!!!!!


Time Machine requires an external drive to back up to. If it's trying to back up to a drive that was previously connected by wireless, such as a Time Capsule, that obviously isn't going to work.

In Time Machine's preferences, you should set it to back up to a locally-connected external hard drive. Then it should work.

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