Time Machine/Capsule set-up help

Feb 5, 2010
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Hi, I am a new switcher and need help please!

I purchased a 8core Mac Pro and love my machine! :D I spent a few weeks setting it up the way I want it and now need to do further tweaking.

Firstly I cloned the 640gb HDD onto a 1 TB Hdd and added 3 more 1 TB drives.

1 for Mac OSX
1 for Windows XP that I boot up from with Bootcamp [unfortunately there are software manufacturers that have not yet seen the light! ;D ]
1 for my photographs (formatted NTFS but accessible to read & write with OSX software)
1 for my files and music (again formatted NTFS but accessible to read & write with OSX software)

I now wish to back all these up to my Time-capsule with Time-machine.

I upgraded the 1 TB HDD in the Time Capsule to a 2TB HDD, now for the questions I need help on:

A) Can Time Machine be run from Mac OSX and back up all 4 HDD even though some are formatted to NTFS?
B) Can I add a second 2 TB HDD via USB or FireWire to Time Capsule or directly to Mac and access it through Time Machine as an additional storage space (I can not seem to manage this):[
C) Can I partition the 2 TB HDD in the time Capsule to 2x1TB partitions in order to allocate a HDD per partition?

thank you


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