Time Machine Backup Advice Required

Jul 13, 2006
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Hi all,

I've never been a fan of Time Machine but have recently received a replacement Time Capsule (the first one suffering the well publicized power supply failure) and last night I decided to backup my iMac G5 using Time Machine.

The G5 is on the top floor of a 3 storey town house and the TC is on the ground floor - so I am obviously doing the backup wirelessly. Unfortunately, the iMac lacking 80211N, this is running extremely slowly - I have calculated that the @ the current rate of 4.5 GB per hour the 275GB will take about 60 hours.

A bit of a stupid question, but even though I am getting a full wireless signal, would the speed improve by moving the iMac closer to the TC?

Also, how much faster would the process take via Ethernet? Unfortunately there are no suitable phone points on the second floor and it would be tricky to move the Mac downstairs. Could I disconnect the TC from the ADSL modem and backup via Ethernet (obviously with no internet connection for the duration)?

Any advice appreciated on the best/ fastest way to get the initial backup done.

Cheers, Greg


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Dec 22, 2006
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Texas, where else?
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It is always recommended to do the initial backup via ethernet. With 275GB to backup it'll probably take 2-4 hours (just guessing here)with a CAT5e cable and all night if you have an older CAT5 cable that'll only handle 10MBps like I just ran into here at the house. Had to go through my collection and toss all those old cables after that.

I'm really surprised you can even connect from the 3rd floor at all.

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