Time Machine and New Hard Drive

Feb 5, 2010
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Hi all,

I just purchased a 1.5TB Seagate external drive. My current setup includes a 500GB drive set up as a time machine which has reached it's capacity and is threatening to delete older backups.

I've read countless forum posts and other "backup/archive/time machine articles," yet still can't seem to come to a good enough understanding on my best route to protect years of family pictures, music, and movie files.

I understand that time machine is not necessarily an archive solution, yet that is what I have used over the last 2 years to store these precious memories. I have any some redundancy in copying video and picture files to DVD.

With the addition of the new 1.5TB drive I'm really looking for advice on how to best set up my backup / archive system. I am a classic "family user" who does not rely on files for income in any way. I'm just looking for a system to keep these memories safe and my 75GB internal HD from busting at the seams.

Thanks in advance,

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