Time Capsule w/o Wireless

Feb 20, 2010
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Middletown DE
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Is it possible to disable the wireless feature and DHCP addressing, connect LAN-LAN, assign a static IP, and use the TC as a network drive for storage?

I use veriZon's FiOS Actiontec router, with a Cisco WAP. I need the Actiontec in line because of FiOS TV (MoCA). The Cisco WAP is used for all wireless access. The TC Wireless would be overkill. How about a bridge? The Cisco is capable of it.

TIA :)


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Nov 15, 2009
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You should be able to do this rather easily. Here's what I would try. I haven't tested this so I may skip a step along the way:
1. Launch Airport Utility and choose manual setup.
2. Click the Airport symbol at the top of the software window (right next to Internet, Printers, etc.).
3. Choose the "Wireless" tab and use the drop down menu to set the wireless mode to "Off".
4. Click the Internet section at the top (world icon) In the Internet tab set "Configure IpV4 to Manually and enter valid IP numbers. The numbers will look similar to the ones in your Macs's Network preference pane.
5. Before you leave this tab look near the bottom of the screen for a setting called "Connection Sharing" and set that to "Off" then apply the changes".

You may need to go into your routers settings and make sure that it excludes the number you assigned to the Time Capsule form its pool of shareable DHCP numbers. Let's suppose for example that your router assigns numbers with the pattern 192.168.2.x and you assign the Time Capsule a number of then your router must use numbers with the last digit higher than three to avoid a conflict.

I have this type of setup in place with my TiVo and one Mac assigned manual numbers. If you get stuck let me know.

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