Tight USB slot on MacBook Air

Mar 13, 2010
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London, England
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MacBook Air - 128 GB SSD, 2.13GHz intel duel core, 2GB Ram
Wow, the macbook air has a seriously tight USB slot.

It's got to the point where i don't want to plug anything in because getting it out threatens to pull the port door clean off the computer. Obviously having only one USB slot, while not that big of a deal, does mean it gets more use than if i had multiple ones.

Has anyone got a solution for this besides crushing all my usb devices? I thought about buying a USB extension cable hoping that apple manufactured USBs will fit properly, but id rather not have to untangle 6 foot of cable every time i want to print or transfer something to a pen drive, plus it kind of deafats the point of having an ultra portable if it means i have to carry around extra equipment.

I even bought one of these hoping it would be better, if anything it's worse.

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