Tiger on 400MHZ G3 slot loading iMac - can I install this way?

Dec 16, 2006
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Hi chaps. I have accquired a G3 400MHZ slot-loading iMac, but it has only CD drive and not a DVD drive. However, I also have a Core 2 Duo iMac.

The question is:

Apart from restoring the PPC Tiger DVD to a spare partition on my INTEL iMac, setting that machine to Target-Disk-Mode, re-booting the G3 whilst holding down [OPTION] key, and selecting the spare partition on INTEL iMac as the startup disk, and installing via firewire (The G3 would think that the INTEL partition was the Tiger DVD! :)), is there ANY simpler way of doing this?. I don't mind getting my hands dirty - in fact I *love* a challenge (you're talking to the guy who merged BOTH his Intel iMac restore DVDs onto a spare partition, and has been able to do a FULL RESTORE in 12 mins [including iLife etc], from that partition!!)

Many thanks.

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