Thinking about a Powerbook G4

Jan 14, 2014
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2012 Mac Mini 2.5 ghz i5, 16 GB RAM, 960 GB SSD + 500 GB HDD (5200 RPM)
Been wanting a PPC Mac for awhile and Powerbook seems to be the way to go as I don't really have space to set up another desktop (I have my Mini and a Performa 637 on my desk already). Late era Powerbooks seem plentiful and I've seen plenty for what I'd consider a reasonable price. Lots of shops still have parts too.

Dunno to much about PPC era machines though as I was out of school and to broke to afford a Mac at the time, heh.

Anything to be cautious of with this machine? I'd be interested mainly in running OS X 10.4 Tiger and some PPC games that never got Intel translations. Possibly upgrade it to be used for basic office and web browsing work.

Maybe there is something better to have from the PPC era besides a Powerbook G4?

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