Think i may have some type of virus or spyware.

Feb 7, 2010
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One day i was on a forum and opened up and link when i did it was a GIF i believe and the Safari kept opening new pages, then i seen a bunch of my apps open on my bar including Terminal. After that i just held my power button in. (can you tell me what can make your Mac behave like that, also?)

After that im want to be sure nothing is wrong with my computer. Heres a screenshot of my Activity Monitor.



No, you do not have a virus or spyware.

At most, you need a better adblocker for Safari.

In regards to your included (and very helpful, thank you!) screenshot, everything there is perfectly normal. The process "rcd" you highlighted stands for Remote Control Device, ie that is the program that monitors for input from your Apple Remote Control.

I see nothing else there that is in any way out of the perfectly ordinary.

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