The bottom memory slot in my MacBook Pro died

Feb 18, 2010
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Oklahoma City
When my MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz 17 inch wouldn't boot, I took it to the Apple Store and learned that it would not boot if there was a memory module in its bottom memory slot (the one nearest to you when the memory access door is removed). The tech at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store discovered that the failed memory slot was the reason the computer wouldn't boot and told me that they would have to send it in for repair and it was probably the logic board. This happened at about 8:15 pm last night. Fortunately, I have Apple Care so, despite the hassle, it shouldn't cost me anything. I'm just glad that this problem didn't wait to arise until next year, after my Apple Care coverage expired. I understand that new logic boards are expensive.

Fortunately, the Genius Bar tech also discovered that my MB Pro would boot up if the bottom memory slot was left empty. Consequently, I brought it home in order to make an up to the minute backup to my Time Capsule. I will be taking it back to the Apple Store tomorrow and they will then send it off for repair.

Apparently, the failure of the bottom memory slot was a not uncommon occurrence with the Powerbook G4 but seems to be a lot rarer in the MacBook Pro models.

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