"Target mode" - data transfer problem ..

Feb 17, 2010
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Just got a new iMac.

— w/ "Snow Leopard", 10.6.2.

(.. transitioning from an "eMac". Memory, together with main HD - capacity, upgraded, to 1 and 300 gigs, respectively.)

General focus.

Where having asked (at Store, at time of purchase) about main data transfer, capability / - potential, from my older, to new machine, .. and more specifically, .... what was involved with and where regarding the different options presented (main, new system) with initial set up, ....

.. with some generalities covered here, and with also asking about other methods of transfer (e.g. basic copy to external HD, ethernet, disk image: .... all of which, apart from a more direct external HD copying of material and then copying to new machine, that I'm only remotely familiar with), .....

...... I was told that a simple and straight forward way to transfer data accrued, was to "boot my old machine to target mode ...".
Or more specifically, to .... with having turned both machines off, press down on the "T" key - main keyboard, while starting up my older machine, ...... causing it to be (able to be) appreciated by my new machine as an external HD, ........ then, turning on my new machine; ..... where I would find an icon - main desktop; .. from which I would be able to access whatever I wanted.

Main focus.

This, from "target" mode, worked very well, ...... Or had been - working, ....

.... until, I recognized, after ejecting the icon generated by my older machine, that the only way I knew to "shut-down" / "restart" .. it, up, was to .... check the main "start" button. (.. as I, hadn't been told, nor had I asked .. about this element of the idea.)

With the first time having restarted my older machine this way, everything appeared ok.

But to be on the safe side, I ran "Disk Utility."

However, with setting up in "target mode" a second time .....

(Of course I should have checked how to take the machine out of target, before having set it up in it again, .. but hadn't.)

...... my main "disk", is ...... inaccessible.

(.. Machine starts up ok. But the indicator just below the main apple logo, just keeps spinning.)

Disk Utility, ...... nothing showing, where .. "gathering information" appears.

Older "Norton Utilities", .. still nothing.


Fortunately, ....... with trying target mode - again, a third time, ..... it's worked; .. making accessible, all data available to me, ..... while the machine is on. (Readable, and copiable, only.) — And so, with this, I'm currently generating a "disk image" "clone" of "everything", ...... using (the application) "Carbon Copy Cloner".
General advice. ?

.. More specifically, perhaps, ....

• How do I (in fact) move down out of "target mode". ?

And beyond this, with the disk image that I'm generating, not being bootable, ....

• Where can I (in fact) open up the disk image, once its generated. — (In addition to my new "iMac", I have an "Iomega" 500G - USB, ext. HD.)

And perhaps, .. toward an installation of "Leopard" that I've [/had] planned to do, once all data that I've accrued, has been secured - reliably, ....

If I can't get "Disk Utility" to access my older machine's main HD, .....

• .... How do I "Erase" .. it. ?


iMac - 3.06GHz Duo Core, running Mac OS X (10.6.2) / eMac Mac OS X (10.4.11)


I'm sorry, I couldn't read that post. I tried.

I'm not sure why you were advised to use Target Disk Mode. Migration Assistant would have (and still could) handle the whole thing a LOT better and more elegantly.

You might want to start over. Erase the new machine's drive completely, then install from the machine's DVD. Once the new system has been installed, it will behave like a brand new Mac -- and as part of that process, will ask you if you have another Mac you'd like to transfer information from, and tell you how to connect it. This is the Migration Assistant -- it will automatically bring over everything from your old machine, ignoring only those things that cannot run (and the old system folder, of course).

Boom. Done.
Jul 2, 2006
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Crawley, England
Your Mac's Specs
20" Intel iMac 2.4 Ghz/3G Ram/320HD, Snow Leopard. PBook G4, 1.5Ghz/1.5 Ram/250 HD, Leopard 10.5.6.
?????????????????????? :D

Do as Chas M said!

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