Tags on NFS Share

Nov 2, 2014
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Hi all,

I have an NFS share on my home network (Ubuntu/ext4) with a large number of files (~20K files). For the most part, I only access the share with an OS X Yosemite client, but I have other clients that also access the share (Windows/Linux). I'm looking for a good way to organize the files and I'm thinking OS X tags might work. A few questions:

1. How do the tags work? Is there an index stored on the local file system or is it stored on the remote mount? Are the tags stored with the file (i.e. within an alternate data stream) or are the tags stored within an index file? When a tag is created/modified, is the file modified in any way? What about user permissions? If a user/group doesn't have permissions to a file, can they view the tags associated with the file? Is there a way to set tags from a terminal?

2. Should I expect any performance impact when accessing files or listing the contents of directories? Given the number of files and assuming I'd have between 100 and 200 different tags, would searching tags be slow?

3. I realize other Windows/Linux hosts would have access to the tags, but would other Mac clients recognize the tags or is each Mac host only able to view it's tags. What would happen if a file was moved by another host would the tags be lost? or would

Thanks for the input,

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