Syncing problems with iPhone 4s

Feb 24, 2011
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My music library works perfecly on my iPod Gen 2. Purchased a new iPhone 4s and syned it with my music library first thing. At first everything seemd to show up just fine including the correct album art. If you sync the phone again it looks like it thinks that it has music in the library that isn't on the phone, which it doesn't. It then starts going through a number of songs that are already on the iPhone. Upon completion of that a TON of album art get's cleared off of many albums and will not return no matter the number of syncs. If you change nothing in your library and sync you iPhone it should compare the two and see that there are no changes and complete the sync. Mine keeps thinking there are these same number of songs missing and it say's it is syncing them up.

Unchecking the songs without album art, syncing, then rechecking and syncing again will replace the cover art. However, the next time you sync with everything checked it drops a ton of album art again...

I just restored the phone and the same exact thing is still happening.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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