Syncing Outlook for Mac with Google

Jan 11, 2015
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Has anyone cracked the problem of syncing Outlook for Mac with Google? I have found workarounds for Calendar and email, but have found no way of synchronising contacts.

I use a google email address, but have always made Outlook my main way of accessing mail. So, although I travel to places with poor internet access, I always have access to my full email history on my mac. But I need to be able to access things via google too.

I used to do this via Companionlink, which works well with Outlook for PC, but since upgrading to Maverick, and then Yosemite, this is longer possible on a Mac. I hoped that it would be possible via the new release of Outlook for Mac for Office 365, but have found out that it only works if you have Office 365 for Business, not an Office 365 Home or Personal editions.

Any solutions?

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