Syncing iphone to new mac from old PC

Feb 16, 2010
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Hello All-

Thank you in advance to anyone who knows a little about my question!

I am brand new to mac, and am still grasping how to transfer everything over from my old pc. I have an iPhone that is synced to my old pc, and I want to get it transferred to my macbook. How do I go about doing this without having to erase everything on it and reformat? (I had to erase and reformat my ipod, which wasn't all that bad... but I can't lose all my contacts on my phone!)



1. Sign up for the 60-day trial of MobileMe.
2. Use it on the PC side to sync your contacts, music, and whatnot to "the cloud."
3. On the mac, sync "the cloud" with your Mac.
4. Now you can plug the iPhone to the Mac, let it erase, and re-sync!

You might find that MobileMe isn't really such a bad deal (I love it, personally), but even if you don't feel you need it the 60-day trial is more than long enough for you to accomplish this.

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