Sync iPod with two different PC's

Sep 14, 2008
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I just purchased my first Mac and wanted to see about running iTunes on two different PC's. I've done some searching and see some threads that I think help with my problem, but I'm not sure.

Currently, I sync my iPod touch with my XP desktop. The actual library is on the C drive (I think), but all the music, video and pictures are stored on an extra internal HDD. Now that I have the new MBA, I wanted to see if it would be possible to sync my iPod with both the MBA and the XP desktop using the internal storage drive on the desktop over the network.

I've seen threads about enabling library sharing between PC's, but I'm not sure if that will allow you to actually sync with the iPod, as opposed to just streaming the music and pictures. I also read that since I initially formatted my iPod with the XP box, I don't have to worry about the format conflict if I later sync with a Mac.

So basically, I want to sync my iPod touch through the MBA with the files on the XP box, or sync directly with the XP box.

Is that possible?

Oct 22, 2007
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You can only sync through one computer, so you will have to choose either the XP machine or the MBA.

That said iTunes doesn't care where the files are, if they are all on the network drive then fine, but you will have to opt for syncing with itunes on just one machine

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