Sycronising with desktop PC




I have just bought a G4 iBook and it arrived yesterday. I will be using this during the week when I am away. Is there a program that will sycronise all of the files I have changed over the week with my desktop XP PC? Is there a way of doing the same with my iTunes music, rather than ripping every new CD on both laptop and desktop.

Many thanks,



As for synchronizing, you might try File Synchronization . I've used it for synchronizing (god thats so hard to spell correctly when im tired) files between my HD and my SD card as a backup.... There shouldn't be any reason you couldn't set it to sync the files with a shared folder on the network. Although, it does give you **** if one of the folders is suddenly not there.... hehe
iTunes: if i were you i'd just keep the entire collection on the ibook, and when you're at home just play the songs over the network on the PC. If you really must sync them, the iTunes songs are under ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/, so you can just sync them same as the other files.

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