Switching and considering iBook



I'm currently and have been a PC user since I got my hands on a spanking new Pentium 100 in 96 and I'm considering the OS X as my next buy. I also have a bunch of questions that I hope you guys can help me answer;

First of all, I would like to know the Intel/AMD counterpart of the 800mhz G4. This won't affect my buying decision at all because I'm used to "slow" processors. My primary computer runs on a 600 Celeron; it runs fine even with PS7, Winamp, PSP and on average 4 browser windows open. Ram is only 256 pc100 BTW.

My next question deals with the Power Supply. I plan to use my pen tablet (Wacom Grapphire 3) with the iBook and I was wondering if the batteries alone can handle it. I don't mind shorter battery life but as long as the hardware works/responds nicely then it's all good.

Third question; Does the Apple Retail Stores give educational discounts? I would prefer to buy directly instead of have it shipped to me. The stores are pretty close too.

Finally question; is AppleCare worth the extra $250? It took me quite awhile to save up to where I am (about $100 dollars needed) ? I'll definitely be carrying the iBook around so maybe it will be best to get it- but I'd like to hear some thoughts as saving up another $250 is going to take awhile.


1) from what I understand....double mac processor speeds, and that's about the intel/amd counterpart. G4 chips are built on a different architecture...so mhz don't mean a thing.

2) You're definently going to experience shorter battery life....shouldn't be horrilbe.....but you shouldn't have any problems with hardware responses.

3) I asked the apple retail store in chicago, and they said yes they do take educational discounts right in the store. Be sure and bring some kind of proof..like a student ID.

4) I have yet to buy applecare. I've thought about it one or two times...but after spending all my money on my powerbook and iPod....eh....there ain't none left, and won't be for a long long long time. I've had no problems with my mac yet; then agian I've only had it three months. If you can, I say go for it...the worst that happens in you have your computer for five years and have no problems..by then the 250 bucks won't even matter. I'm not buying it...but if I could have work it out in the beginning, I would have. But I also have faith in my mac, and beleive it won't die.

hope this helps


There are several other threads here that have some good info on this topic as well. While I don't have time to search for them at the moment, you should be able to find them pretty easily.

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