Superdrive update question


Bob Anderson

Folks: I'm trying to determine if my iMac needs the superdrive update download to use the faster DVD-Rs out there. Maybe someone can tell me off the top of their heads if I need the update based on the following info from my computer:

Vendor Identification: Pioneer
Product Identification: DVD-RW DVR-105

The Apple support document related to this said...

"If the Vendor Identification field names Pioneer as the manufacturer, your drive may need the update.
* For drives with the Product Identification DVR-104, no update is required if the Device Revision number is A227 or higher.
* For drives with the Product Identification DVR-103, no update is required if the Device Revision number is 1.90 or higher."

Great. I have DVR-105. They don't mention that product ID. Reason would tell us that 105 is a later model than 103 and 104. However, that doesn't necessarily prove it is compatible with the newest and fastest media out there. Hence, my question. I had purchased a stack of fast DVDs at a great price from CompUSA. When I got them home they had big red warnings on them that said they just might destroy your drive unless the manufacturer has made provision for them. Well, I don't want that, of course. I can't seem to find a conclusive answer.

Thanks for any input.

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