Subscribed calendar not syncing



I have an iPhone 5s, running IOS 8.1.2. I also have a mini iPad at 8.1.2 and my MBP running Yosemite 10.10.1. I am subscribed to one external calendar from a scheduler for the tech crew at my church. When I am scheduled for tech support, it shows up on my iPad and MBP in Calendar, but not on my iPhone. The subscribed calendar is in the list of calendars in Calendar, and is checked. I've checked Settings for Calendar, and all seems to be well there. I'm stumped. Any hints for me? What is absolutely puzzling is that the iPad and iPhone appear to be set up identically and yet one updates and the other does not. Oh, btw, when I create an appointment on my iPhone, it does sync to my iPad and MBP just fine. It's only that one subscribed calendar that my iPhone is apparently ignoring.

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