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Strange pauses in os x

Nov 14, 2006
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iMac 20", 2GB ram, 500GB hd, 256MB Radeon x1600
Can someone help me or point me to a right direction with this.. couldn't find anything with the search.

Anyway.. my OS X been acting strange lately. It randomly 'freezes' for a second.

Eg. if iTunes is playing the music stops for a second or two before continuing. Also, sometimes when I open a window or click something or do nothing the colorful 'loading' icon appears for a second or two and nothing happens while it's rolling.

I've ran Onyx many times and done all the maintenance thingies, cleared caches, etc, repaired permissions with Disk Utility and even booted with the OSX disc and repaired the disk but none of that seems to help. The pauses still occure. There's plenty of memory available too. Over 1 GB free out of 2 and CPU load is pretty minimal as well.

Finder also quits on me regularely. Seems to me it doesn't like to be right-clicked. And the desktop refreshes itself almost everytime when I click on a icon. Especially with the secondary button. The submenu and all the icons disappear for a second and after they're back I can click it again and select what I initally was going to.

My computer is an Intel iMac, OS X being 10.4.10

PS. I have XP installed with Boot Camp. Could that somehow interfere? Although the Finder/desktop glitch has been going on before I installed Winblows.