Strange Default Account Picture?

Dec 4, 2007
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Durham, NC
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Retina MacBook Pro (15")
This one is really weird.

I bought a 2012 i7 Mac Mini, and immediately ditched the default hard drive for a DIY Fusion Drive setup. Installed the new SSD and new HDD, using OWC's data doubler kit, and made sure both drives were COMPLETELY erased and formatted before putting them in.

Booted into a pre-made OS X Yosemite USB installation drive (made using Apple's default USB installation media creator application), and Disk Utility automatically created a new Fusion Drive array for me. I installed OS X directly from the USB drive. When it finished installing and was walking me through account setup, THIS was the pre-chosen default account picture:


Has anyone ever seen this before? I am an Apple hobbyist who regularly restores Macs a LOT, and in all my fresh OS X installations I have never ever seen this gold coin / medallion appear as a default picture (or even a choice!) for the main user account. I even restored two other Macs the same day from the same USB drive, and neither one contained the gold medallion picture.

I have searched online to see if anyone else has seen this, and cannot find any information. Did I discover some sort of hidden easter egg?

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