SSD in Mac Mini

Dec 6, 2006
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I have a 2010 Core 2 Duo Mini with 4gb of RAM. It's used exclusively as a media hub, with all the storage being firewire and USB.

Would the performance of the the machine be improved in any way if I installed a small (64gb) SSD instead of the 320gb HD I never use?

Also, as the obfuscatory design has placed this routine task beyond my ham-fisted technical skills, anyone know if apple will swap this out for me FOC under my 3 year apple care warranty?

cheers IA
Jul 2, 2007
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Going Galt...
Your Mac's Specs
I have a non-unibody 2009 model of the Mac Mini and run an internal SSD for the OS and such. All of my data goes on to a FW800 attached RAID. The SSD certainly speeds up applications, boot time, encoding video, etc... Just remember that if you want to see the speed increases, you need to move whatever files you are working with to the SSD first. So for example, if I'm doing work with iMovie or running a Hanbrake encode, I move the files from the RAID to the SSD and do my work. I then move them back - drag and drop - no problem. I turn off Time Machine when I do this, just so I'm not backing up 1GB video files that will only be in existance for a short time. Anyhow, some tasks run as much as 4 times faster, generate less heat and bog the system down less.

Apple can probably install a new SSD, though I'd imagine they would want you to buy it from them or charge you a decent fee. Google for "upgrade Mac Mini HDD" to find instructions. People clamor about how tough it is, but it really only takes 30 minutes or less if you read the instructions, clear a working space and lay out your tools and components before starting. While you are in there, may as well max out the RAM for a whopping $50.

Intel Mac mini: Take Apart Guide (RAM & HD) | Applefritter

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