Speck CandyShell Camera Flash Issue Fix?

Jan 20, 2008
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Hello everybody,
I bought a Speck Candyshell flip for my iPhone 4 and realized that I had purchased the older case model which features the "snowman" camera cutout design (darn you cheap deal on amazon). The case suffers from somehow reflecting the LED light and causing the photos taken with the device to be distorted when the LED flash is on. I was wondering if anybody knew a way where I could get the case to not reflect the light. Any help is welcome!
Thanks in advance!
Sep 10, 2011
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I've not got one but have just viewed the case online and it appears to have a lozenge shaped aperture with a dark matt surround for the lens/flash cluster.

I'm not sure what you mean by distorted but if the picture is grainy and poorly defined then this will more likely be absorption of light from the flash (which isn't very intense) by the dark sides of the recess, resulting in an under-exposed or poorly lit image.

If the image is washed-out or bleached then this could be cause by inter-reflection of the flash between the sides of the recess causing over-exposure or may just spike the image with flash as it strikes the lens.

My guess though is that the aperture is poorly aligned causing the flash LED to be offset slightly to the side and resulting in a combination of the the two phenomena.

What to do?

Well you could try making sure that the aperture is aligned correctly or try doctoring the aperture to make it bigger, or if the picture is just washing-out then you could try moving away from the subject and compensate by tapping the screen.

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