Sound Card

Apr 27, 2007
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Okay, right now I have a PC and I want to get a MAC because this PC is garbage and MAC is better by heres my situation...

First of all Im a DJ, I use Serato Scratch Live on my Macbook Pro and everything with that is money in the bank, NOW I use my PC for recording which I use with ADOBE AUDITION 1.5 software, The sound card I use is an EMU 0404, definitely has to be upgraded from the OEM stuff to the bigger n better stuff in order to get good with a MAC, what is a super big sound card that can handle recording with a Studio? the connectors that come out of my soundcard for recording are WHITE/RED analog 1/4 inch Inputs....Im gonna order my MAC soon but before I do I just wanna do reasearch and see what I need to get in order to run this studio, any help is MUCH appreciated, thank you for your time

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