something odd

Jan 8, 2004
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2GHz C2D macbook
here is the deal: i'm experiencing strange problem with panther. I have never heard of this kinda thing. when i start up. everythind goes fine. takes about 15-30 sec to get to the logg in window. problem starts when i logg in. the dock lounches instatly, no problem, same thing with menu bar items (items appear without the bar :confused: and then it takes about 10 min for the finder to start up and every app i lounch takes rediculosly long time. i tried everything: permissions, disk repare, hardware test, file system chek ets. nothing works, even restart doesnt do anything. only thing that helps is shuttin down for several hours. after that it seems normal. I dont know if its relevant but the problem appears after gaming. but its hard to imagine the 1 mb tetris game crush the system.
any ideas whats goin on?
I'll be very pissed if i have to reformat the disk
any sugessions?

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