Some Basic File storage questions

Mar 1, 2007
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My parents just got TWO macs. One a mac mini and the other a 17" imac. (I am getting mine after they update the imac.

Anyway, on my Dads WinXP computer I made some folders for his pictures, letters, music, etc. I plan on using a flash drive to remove them and put them on the imac. My question is, what is the file manager called on the mac operating system? Is there a C: drive and a bunch of folders? Where do I put these files? Can I make folders for them on the mac to keep them organized?

I think this might become clear once I start working with Tiger but I just want to know what I should look for before I start the process.

I appreciate all your help. :)
Oct 10, 2004
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The File Manager on the Mac is called the Finder and it is what drives the desktop. Macs don't use the lettered drive system, and drive will simply appear on the desktop, as will the memory stick. When you click on a drive image, it is the drive itself not the "My computer" icon to get to the drive. You can name drives whatever you want.

You can copy the the photos off and organize them however you wish on the Mac, but there is a "Photos" folder on the hard drive inside the users profile, much like on Windows. That would be a good place to start.

Also, when you want to remove the memory stick either right click and select eject or drag it to the trash icon in the dock. Either will eject it from the desktop. There is no manager like Windows has to remove devices.

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