Solution to missing slides when opening .ppt in Keynote

Feb 17, 2010
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I've had problems opening a few of the powerpoints recently. Basically, I can open the file, but some of the slides are missing. when I use QuickLook, I can see that the file is completely intact, just when I open it in Keynote, some of the slides are lost. Here's one solution:

Download OpenOffice from Use that to open any problem files (for me, this problem doesn't happen with every file). If you still want to use Keynote, which I do, you just open the file with OpenOffice, then save the file as a .ppt file. Keynote will be able to open THAT file with no hitches.

So basically, you're using OpenOffice to [slightly] reformat the file and make it Keynote-friendly.

Keywords: powerpoint, keynote, dropped slides, missing slides, truncated file, lost slides


I haven't encountered this problem you speak of.

Some files in a ppt slideshow will come into Keynote as hidden/"collapsed" (telltale clue: disclosure triangle next to the first of a series of slides), but they're all there IME.

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