Software Update Redirects

Mar 11, 2004
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When updating OS X's software the other day, Little Snitch informed me of the connections that Software Update makes. Among them, because I'm near Toronto, I assume, is to here, a Quebec network called RISQ.
For the researchers, teachers, students and administrative and technical personnel who use it, RISQ embodies optimization of communication and access to knowledge. Thanks to its advanced integration of sophisticated technologies, it also allows them to envision new ways of doing their work. . . .
This sounds like PR flackery for data mining.

When I ran the update the other day, I OK'd all the connections because I didn't know which might stall the process if I didn't allow it. But I just fired up Software Update now to go snooping. The other day when I ran the real update, there were four or five different connections. This time, there was just the one.

Through whois, I found out the connection was to RISQ. So I ran the Software Update scan once more, but I didn't allow the RISQ connection. This didn't prevent the scan from continuing, and it told me the computer is up to date.

What information could Apple glean, or what info does it want from this connection? Whenever I reload the system, I never use my real name and try to block the registration process, though Apple probably knows everything, anyway, if it wants to, from the repeating range of ISP numbers.
Mar 30, 2004
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It's very likely that Apple has a Canadian mirror on that network. Pushing out software updates to the entire world from Cupertino, California would probably not be efficient.

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