So my basement flooded...

Apr 4, 2007
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Durtburg, WV
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So last week my basement flooded. I decided that I should man up, so I strapped on my killer yellow gogs and dove in and swam down the steps. There was this light coming from around the corner so I made my way to it and found a hatch...

After poking and prodding, I went up for air. I told my friend Brad about it, so I sent him to the basement to investigate. He borrowed my killer yellow gogs and did a wicked cannon ball down the steps. After his turn knocking on the window, he resurfaced for air and we had a srs discussion about *** that hatch was doing in my basement.

After much deliberation, went went to our last resort and sent in "The Specialist". "The Specialist" is a very "special", "specialist". He's got mad skillz like no other "specialist" we've ever encountered. So we heaved his *** into the basement and waited...

"The Specialist" finally made his way back to the surface and reported. His superior doggy paddle skillz helped him reach the hatch, but his ADHD and short attention spans had him swimming in circles. I doubt he even realized what a hatch was by that point. I guess we'll never discover the mystery of that thing...

Oh, and in a totally unrelated scientific discover - real men wear pink...boxing gloves!

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