Snow Leopard and Windows 2003 AD

Mar 2, 2010
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Hi all,

The company has bought a MAC asked me if it can be connected to their Windows domein.
They are running a Windows 2003 AD and Exchange 2003 is installed.
My knowledge of MAC is limited so I hope someone can help and advise.

The MAC is the latest IMac model with Snow Leopard and Entourage installed. Im not familiar with MAC's but managed to find the network settings, the system is getting DHCP and DNS information but I can not find any more settings relative to AD.

Ofcourse the user would like to make use of network printers, get network shares at logon, as she did with her old Windows machine.
Also shes able to receive and send emails but stuff like Exchange free/busy information and the global adresslist is unavailable.

Can all this be done, and can a MAC use the same functionallity as a Windows machine in a 2003 active directory?

Thanks an advance for any help.


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