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Jan 5, 2010
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Newbury Berkshiere UK
Your Mac's Specs
13" White MacBook 2ghz 4GB DDR2 Ram 320Gb HDD, 16GB iPhone, Craving a mac pro!
Hey everyone..
For a while now my macbook has been under a lot of pressure running multiple vm's and adobe CS4 apps..

I've been considering a second hand 2006 mac pro of the following specs:
2 x 2.66ghz dual core xeon's
1TB 7200 RPM HDD
(other boring specs like graphics :p)

My question is if I throw in 3 500GB HDD's I have lying around will i be able (after jumping through the necessary hoops) to create a software RAID 0 between 2 of then and time machine to it?

I know this is less effective as a backup as the drives are internal..

The real question i want answered is:
With software RAID on mac osx is the raid defined in the operating system.. for example if "Macintosh HD" decided to give up the ghost would the installer DVD (and any other installations of osx) see the 2 drives as a RAID array or 2 corrupted disks?

Thanks in advance,

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