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SmartDisk CrossFire 160GB ??




a guy i met is selling this drive for $100, he said he bought it last month and doesn't use it as he purchased a Maxtor touch II or something. anyway can the CrossFire "clone" or be used as a back up and be bootable? Just wanna make sure, the guy said he has no idea as he used it for video editing... thanks.

[edit] i should note he is a PeeCee user and he told me that i would need to reformat this to NTFS (?) and I should be able to plug my digital camcorder directly into the back to transfer footage, etc... he said he *thinks* i will be able to boot from this drive but has never done so... this would be ideal as i could transfer my iMovie stuff onto this drive and bring it over to my friends house to burn it on his Super... plus $100 isn't too bad for a 4 week old product...