smart mailbox based on location?

May 1, 2007
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I've recently made the switch in my home office, however the POS system at my restaurant runs the competitions OS. I think to portray what I'm trying to ask I need to give a little history. Before the switch I used a thumb drive w/ Thunderbird portable to keep my email all in one place, and be able to use it in both locations. However, w/ the welcomed addition of the iMac that doesn't work now. What I'm wondering is if there is anyway that I can make (or even thunderbird for OS X) sync the mailboxes on the thumb drive when it's plugged into the mac? I read somewhere that mail can read thunderbird boxes, so I tried to setup a smart mailbox that looked in a specific location for the mailbox but that didn't seem available. I also looked at Automator but didn't have much luck there either. I'm open to suggestions other that those I've offered. Also, the mail account in question is POP3. Thanks in advance.

A little off topic, but I've just realized that although the inline spell check in firefox is checking, I can't seem to access the list of alternate suggestions.

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