slow VNC connection

Feb 24, 2007
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i am trying to connect remotely to my dad's mac for the first time. he has installed vine server, and i have tried connecting wiht both vine viewer and chicken of the vnc. with both programs the connection is slow, even though we are both connected to the internet with high speed broadband, and physically, rather than wirelessly, connected to our routers. both of us are forwarding ports 5900-5902 (TCP).

when i say slow connection, i mean that it takes a while for his screen to load, and then my mouse clicks are very unresponsive, typically taking 10-20 secs to respond. i am used to using Windows XP to remotely connect computers and had much better responsiveness with a slower internet connection, so i am not sure why i am having this difficulty with the macs. we are both using intel dual-core macs.

can anyone suggest ways in which i can improve the repsonsiveness?



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