Slow Connection: Can You Help Me?

Jun 17, 2007
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Hello again Mac community,
I have tried to do my research on this topic and I must admit…I’m not any closer to understanding what it is I’m trying to accomplish. So here is my situation and the very little that I have gleaned so far:

I have an Airport router that sends my cable internet connection to my MB Pro and my Xbox360. I use my cable connection for my home phone as well but it rarely gets used and, again, I don’t know how much it has to do with my problem.
I believe I suffer from “paying-for-internet-speed-that-I-don’t-actually-get”. I’ve searched for a good topical cream but have been unsuccessful. The reason I think my connection is not living up to its full potential is two fold: My friends laugh at how long it takes me to download updates (45 minutes for the iPhone 2.0.2) and iTunes movies (2 ½ hours for Ocean’s 13). Part two of my reasoning is the online gaming with my Xbox. I seem to be a few seconds behind my peers when I play most games online and it makes for a lousy time. It hasn’t always been like this mind you, it’s just getting worse all the time.

I have been given many bit’s of advise, none of which has been a silver bullet. (If there is such a thing):
-Restart your router: Done.
-Make sure your router is N rated: Not sure how I would check that but have tried none the less with no luck.
-Get a better connection: I am paying for the “best” that I can feasibly get. (I would love a T1 or pure fiber line but that’s just not going to happen)
-Clear the cache on your laptop and Xbox: Done.
-Port your 360: I really don’t know what this means.

I have dug as deep as I can into the AirPort utility as I am comfortable but there comes a point when I just don’t know what it all means. I hate to be such an ignorant user but such is life…

Is there anyone out there with the patients to help me through this quest for greater speed?

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