Sleep mode power book G3 problem



I have a powerbook Pismo G3 400 mhz that is experiencing sleep mode problems. It does not go into sleep mode when the lid is shut or when selected from the speciall drop down menu. (no green blinking light). When I try to put into sleep, the screen goes black, no flashing green light near the hing, and it will not awaken at all. I have to go through a re-start including going through dis first aid. I am running OS 9 and have not had this happen b4 anyone out there got infomation on this problem?


sorry I don't have a solution...the only time I've had that same problem was with a Pismo 500mHz running OS 10.2, and it didn't seem to like a USB card that I'd inserted. As long as that card was there, it wouldn't go to the end, I had to eject it and restart several times to get things back to normal. Have you installed any similar hardware recently? some new RAM, perhaps?

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