Sleep and Optical Drive issues??

Oct 17, 2006
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Southern California
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Macky the 21.5'' iMac 2.7ghz i5 8GB, Mr. Pink 64GB iPhone 6, iPad Jr. 16GB Air 2, 13'' MBAir 1.6Ghz
Hey loves!! Well, recently Macky has been acting weird again!! Whenever I'm done using it I just close it. When I close it, maybe 2 seconcds later, I hear the CD drive make a noise. It makes the noise as if it was WAKING up from sleep but I'm actually closing the lid not waking it up. So I wait alittle bit and then re open the lid and it doesn't wake up! I have to press a button or close and open the lid again. Should I be worried? It never used to do this before.

Normally, if the lid was closed and then I opened it, it would make the normal CD drive noise but now it's doing it when I'm closing the lid. How weird.

Help, please? ;)

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