Size of the phone screen doesn't matter that much anymore, GO VR!

Sep 24, 2014
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At current stage of cellphone war, hardware upgrades hardly excites us anymore, yet we are expecting (fervently) a technology leap as profound as first iPhone. I believe such leap will be taking physical phones out of our hands, and replace it with visual reality. Real Estate on the phone screen is too limited and limiting imagination/possibilities/opportunities, physical phones are like hand cuffs now. VR is the next thing to go, I really wish Apple will step out of this “bigger than bigger” screen trap, it’s not going to make you a leader of anything. Below I will describe what I think could happen in 10 years or not even that long.
Imagine that you have your phone/tablet, glasses, and the watch. Every morning you put on your glasses, which is more akin to a pair of regular glasses or sunglasses, it will show you nothing, until you look down at your wrist where the watch is. With a push of a button on the watch, your
glasses locate the position of the watch, and display a home screen at the position of the back of your hand. If you do see something interesting, say title of an email that you want to read, you turn over your hand, and full phone screen will be displayed at the palm of your hand. When you are done, close your palm or simply drop your hand out of sight, phone screen goes away. You don’t have to say any commands, and app screen will not occupy your entire vision or distract you. This is taking the physical phone out of your hands, freeing them yet giving them more power. You see what you want to see, at the location where you want to see it, using the most intuitive instruments
– your hand, not your speech. I see more potential/possibility than just freeing your hand, when you have your personal spatial dimension in virtual reality, there won’t be any app competing estate on a 6 inch or smaller screen anymore. Each app can have its own screen with a coordinate relative
to where the watch is. All you have to do is literally “browsing” them like books on the shelf, and shove them away at will. I feel powerful already just thinking about it!
And BTW I think Apple is under-utilizing the watch too. Having a watch can make other real life functionality better or easier to implement. The watch can serve as an input/output device. Say, you push the button on the watch and your glasses take a picture of what you see. When you have your credit card in your phone, just swipe or beep your watch against sensor to pay for your groceries. Beep to get into doors, drive your car, shake hands with real people and get facebook/linkedin info right away; and I read from another gentleman’s post that having your watch monitoring your heart beat, blood pressure is not such a bad idea either. Summing them all up, current smart watches are not bold enough, nothing is redefined – mini smartphone or glorified digital watches. What I described up there, a prototype can be built in a couple of years, only major challenge I can foresee is how you can interact by “touching” effectively in this virtual reality.

Thank you for reading, please comment to let me know what you think is the
best form of wearable devices and what they can do.
Feb 21, 2010
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Terrible set out so won't read.


I tried to make it through the thread but wasn't able to. Sometimes my mind wanders so i thought it was just me.

As i have expressed before I am not that great (even after reading Vans thread on how to write a quality post) at creating an intelligent thought that everyone can grasp and understand.

I think this maybe the OP's problem.

When i got into the profession I am in now it forces me to communicate over emails pretty often. I had a coworker, well boss really give me this advice.

"Small Sentences and little words"

It has been a god's send. I still stink at writing post and starting threads but in my job i am able to communicate via email fairly well. I think this guy could learn something by old Tony's words.

You will never earn MOTM or get 2 of them dang dots, but you may get someone to finish your post.

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